January 5, 2015

2015 Resolutions

There’s something reassuring about having an outline of a plan for the coming year. Putting my resolutions on the web helps keep me more accountable (barring 2014) and gives me the satisfaction of checking things off into the “Done List”.

I've yo-yo'ed back into the double digits with my resolutions this year. I’m being a bit more diligent with the planning and success criteria with each. Hopefully that will result in more passes than fail whales. *fingers crossed*

2015 Resolutions

1.      Keep a closer eye and tighter fist on my finances. There may have been copious spending in 2014; some splurging, some necessities, and some way in advance, “just in case” purchases. Now that I’m a grown up with a career path and everything, I suppose it’s time to be a bit more fiscally responsible by
a.       Doing the 52 week money saving challenge.
b.      Limiting myself to 5 extras/splurges per month.
c.       Potentially getting a second source of income. Writing articles was fun for a bit. Or a personal shopper? There isn’t much of a market around here for that. I’ll figure it out.
2.      Do the PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge. If my math is right, that’s 52 books, so one book per week. And we’re already past week one. Oops! Better get on it. Any recommendations readers?
3.      Be creative
a.       Do one DIY or household project (digitizing all print photos) per month. This is more on the handy side.
b.      Do one craft project per week. This is more on the artsy side.
c.       Write a minimum of five lines per day. I’m definitely behind on this. Better start working on the 20 pending lines and work on today’s five as well.
4.      Break a bad habit.*
5.      Be more conscientious
a.       Maintain a weekly “Things I am Grateful For” journal. (First craft project of the year!). The original journal idea is a 365 
b.      Be more in touch with those who matter, especially my grandparents. The more advanced communication becomes, the harder it seems to get to be really in touch with those who matter.
c.       Do a good deed/get involved in social service or a volunteering effort. I used to do a lot of volunteering when I was in high school; while life wasn’t perfect, there was a sense of peace that I think volunteering gave me. I’m also a glutton for instant gratification, and nothing works better than giving back to the community.
6.      Learn a new skill. As usual. Poaching an egg is on my “bucket list” (see number 9).
7.      Vacation with Mishal. We haven’t hung out since Bermuda, which means it’s been too long. Time for another epic time together. What’s your favorite place to go for a relaxing time? I’m in the mood to just chill and take a breather from life.
8.      Visit a new place. This should, by default, be fulfilled by number 7.
9.      Revise bucket list and cross off one item. Poach an egg, make Crème Brule, try making a soufflé, visit a whole sub-bucket list of places, etc., etc... I’m still working on it.
10.  Take a risk* – huge maybe! In theory, it sounds good. I’ll let the year play itself out and see what opportunities come my way.
11.  Secret resolution – to be revealed if it’s a success. ;)

*Inspired by the 2014 resolutions on http://taytayhser.blogspot.com/