April 2, 2013

Inner skinny girl: Sorry, but no thanks.

The SkinnyGirl Daily On-the-Go Greek Yogurt and Blueberry Bar didn't do it for me. If you've ever had any Nutrisystem food, it tasted sort of like that. I think whatever they use as substitute for gluten to make it healthier is programmed to come out tasting like cardboard, which is where health foods lose me.

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I'm down for making better choices and eating healthier, but at least make it taste good. I'm doing the gluten-free thing (more on that later), but haven't tried any of the gluten-free bread or pasta stuff. After trying the On-the-Go Bar, I'm not so keen.

On the positive side, the Greek yogurt and blueberry (honest to goodness, real blueberries!) bit was good. If they can up the appeal for the base, SkinnyGirl's got a fantastic product.

I will say, it was good to have the bar on hand. I happened to have it on a day when I was actually "on-the-go" and it helped quiet my growling tummy. None of it got sticky or messy, despite having made its way to the bottom of my backpack.

So, over all, points for concept, convenience and real blueberries (this, coming from a girl who doesn't like blueberries), but it's not something I would buy at the store because of the taste, "cardboard" and price factors.

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."