April 5, 2013

I glisten..kinda

Because women supposedly don't ever sweat. Well, clearly enough women sweat a whole lot that Secret went and made Clinical Strength Stress Sweat Protection.

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Courtesy Pinterest and someecards

I'm not going to gross you out by talking about sweating. I'll just do a quick product review and recommend you try it out yourself to see if it works for you (because everyone's body chemistry is different, etc. etc.)

It goes on smooth, has a pleasant smell (serene citrus, though there are other options) and is REALLY good at keeping you dry. Those are the three things I look for in a deodorant, so points to Secret for each of those. Other brand deodorants, including other Secret products, do a good enough job neutralizing odors and keeping the sweat to a minimum.

The Stress Sweat Protection, though, is like a Tony Stark-grade deodorant. This baby will keep you dry and fresh all day long (maybe not all day at the gym though). Yes, it's still cold out, so how can I really claim that. But see some of the buildings I go to classes in keep it super hot, and I glisten a whole lot. It's also useful against a stressful gym session - once in a while there's a non-stressful gym session. Go figure. So yeah, I've had opportunity to sweat it out.

secret, deodorant, stress, sweat, glisten, dry, clinical strength
My own...hence the sub-par quality.

If you're someone who needs to change her shirt after a trip down the driveway to get your mail ... you might want to see a doctor. In the meantime, this is worth trying out.

The only con I have for this deodorant is it's price. It costs something like $8, which is high for a store deodorant. But keep in mind it's prescription strength, so it's worth it. Of course, I'd never have picked it up myself, so thank you Influenster for sending it to me to try out. But I really think it's very helpful for my fellow "glistening" ladies (okay, fine. We have a sweating problem, in that we could sweat in an air-conditioned room).

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"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."