April 22, 2013

2013 Check In #2

*waves* Hi there!

You had a burst of updates from me in the beginning of April, so I don't feel too badly about having skived off since. Don't mind the slew of product reviews, but since Influenster did send them to me for free, because I'm socially active, it was my duty to oblige. I hope somebody out there read them and got something out of it. I'm still completely loving Olay's Fresh Effects system - wakes me up in the morning with a lovely massage.

Since I'm completing an English major, "keep up with reading" has been a cinch! I'm taking a sci-fi English class and just re-read Hunger Games. Re-loved it! I've self-imposed a library-ban so I don't get distracted by Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The next three weeks are going to be looooong!

Photo challenges are on hold. I was going to do a winter into spring into summer kind of thing, but the weather was crappy up until last week, then overnight we fell into spring. Go figure! I'm planning on doing a portrait series over the summer. My cousin's getting married, so maybe I'll do a "little moments" kind of challenge/series as well. Any other ideas?

"Get a job" is in progress. Anyone? Anything? I really want to get some experience in the PR/Publishing/Editing fields to see what's a good fit. Or get a state job, because I'm about age out of my mom's health insurance. Eeks!

Does rediscovering writing count? Or writing a sci-fi piece, because it'd be my first. We're done with 1/3 of the year (yes, gasp!), so I'm holding out hope for the remaining 2/3.

I'm getting better at dealing with PersonX, but it gets tricky every now and then. Relationships are complicated and messy. Pity complete avoidance isn't an option.

I don't see myself moving to Atlanta, since I'm working on graduating in December 2013, but hopefully a vacation with Mishal happens. It has to! The question is, when?

I'm being utter crap at getting back in touch with Caitlin. I've tried, but could have tried harder. Shame on me!

Helping Mom is happening, as is getting healthier and making myself priority. Now for that craft project...I first need to sort out my crafts boxes. Is a mess!

Meanwhile, the Jar O' Good Stuff and the To-Do/Memory Board have both filled up more since the first of the year:

In news that doesn't quite fit into resolutions update: I'm participating in TWO Research Conferences. It's the same sci-fi piece for both, but I haven't done something like this since 10th grade, so the experience and exposure will be great. Now, here's hoping my piece is substantial if not good (great might be asking for too much of a WIP). Squee/oh shit!