March 23, 2013


I'd like you to meet my new best friend, the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid system.

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It's really va-va-WOW!

It's a portable mini-massager-cum-cleanser for your face. I always feel refreshed and awake after using this, even without the accompanying Shine Shine Go Away Cleanser. 

My skin feels softer, lighter, tighter and smoother after one use - all excellent reasons for making this part of the daily routine. I like that I can use it with other face washes as well. Or, just with a bit of water for a wake-me-up massage.

Here's what makes it a stand out product:

1) It's compact and light, therefore portable. It's roughly the size of a disposable razor, though a negligible bit bulkier. Heck, it made it into my travel kit within a week of receiving it.
2) It works off 1 AAA battery (first one comes pre-loaded), which minimizes the need for multiple charging accessories.
3) It's not harsh. The rubber tips are gentle, do not irritate the skin, and provide a firm massage & cleaning.
4) Easy maintenance - again, it's basically rubber and plastic, so this pocket-sized powerhouse is easy to clean and use.

va va vivid, olay, fresh effects, face wash, massage, face cleanse

Verdict: Buy it! I was lucky enough to get this in a Influenster VoxBox. Now that I've tried it out (and had the rest of my family try it out), I can say this is something I would definitely spend $15 on. In fact, I've got my sister asking for one, and she's not super into beauty maintenance routines. In case mine ever dies, it's one of those things I would re-purchase, and I don't say that about many products. The Fresh Effects system isn't a gimmick, it really is that awesome.

(ps - for the few reviewers who've noticed an increase in breakouts, keep in  mind everyone reacts differently to different products. Try the va-va-Vivid with your regular face wash and see if that makes a difference)

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."