January 7, 2013

Living Life Out of Order

As some of you know, I've been dealings with some health issues. So I'm taking time off and staying at home for the next few months. I didn't want to waste my time here and just stay at home. Instead, I decided to go back to undergrad to finish out my bachelor's degree (yes, after I went on to a med school. I seem to live life in reverse haha).

I'm jumping back in to the English major, which is such a drastic switch from the past few years. Because I like to keep things challenging, I'm also looking for/picking up a job. At this point, all of that combined sounds overwhelming.

And then I think back to about 5 years ago: I was a full time student, an RA which could be a full time job, and a paid student intern (state job) where I was working 30hours+/week. So basically, 2 full time jobs + a full time student. What the who!? I can't believe I juggled all of that. It, incidentally, happened to be my best semester in undergrad as well. CRAZY! Let's hope I can get back into the same groove.

Wish me luck!