January 20, 2013

1 Year Anniv with iDoneThis

It's my one year anniversary with iDoneThis. *does happy dance*

(I mentioned them last year in my 10 Tweeps You Should Follow post ... and they'll always be on that list!)

My buzzwords since last year have been accountability and self-improvement. Considering my always long lists of resolutions (2012 and 2013), iDoneThis is a particularly handy app: I get an email every night at 8pm asking me to "take 30 seconds to write out what [I] got done today."

(You can, of course, tweak it so the reminder comes at any other time of day you prefer.)

And see, iDoneGood!

idonethis calendar notes january 2012

Ok so I fell off the grid for a bit from end May to beginning October, but picked it back up when Ginni - the Chief Happiness Officer - reached out to me via email to check in. How cool is that!? I don't know about you, but gestures like that really make me love a company.

So I don't know whether to call this a cheat, a side benefit or just abuse of an opportunity available to me, but I also use my iDoneThis updates as mini-journal logs. I like to journal and would love to do more of it in general, but most days I either forget or am too tired/lazy. When iDoneThis asks me what I got done, I take it as an opportunity to jot notes of the significant and trivial bits, creating a weird collage of moments. Some of these jots are elaborated into proper journal entries, but some just stay as little sticky-note reminders of life.

idonethis calendar notes october 2012

Anyway, I haven't missed a day since October 2, 2012 (woah! My brain remembers that it's Gandhi's birthday...absolutely bloody useless information unless I'm ever on Jeapordy). I have the best intentions to not miss a day again ... but no promises.

Thanks for keeping me on track with my goals and helping me hold on to random memories iDoneThis!!!

To those reading: try iDoneThis out for a week and tell me what you think. It's free and good for you, so you have no excuse ;)