January 14, 2013

In Which I Discover British Television

I've only just discovered Sanjeev Bhaskar and Ayesha Dharker. They're both brilliant.

Sanjeev Bhaskar & Ayesha Dharker in The Indian Doctor British Telly
Not my Image - from The Telegraph
Have you seen The Indian Doctor? It's a sweet little British series about an Indian doctor (who'd'a thunk :P) who moves to Wales with his wife. It's a fascinating look at what assimilating to the UK must have been like in the 1950s (ish). Actually, I imagine it depicts what it might still be like for any foreign family that moves to a small town in the UK or the US.

If you're into off-beat or indie things, check out the series. While you're at it, check out Anita and Me. It's a gem of a movie that would speak to most first generation Indians at some level.

Somebody, put them in more shows and movies! Preferably together!!!

Fortunately, Sanjeev Bhaskar is going to be in The Zero Theorem, which stars Matt Damon... which just makes the whole thing even better!

And you can also see Ayesha Dharker as Asha in Outsourced (the movie) - which was far better as a movie than a show - and as Tara Mandal in Coronation Street (HOW has it been going on since 1960!? I'll add it to my long list of shows I want to check out).

Right. Done squeeing like a fangirl. For now.