January 9, 2013

Haul: Lip-stuff

One thing led to another and, in the past few months, I've discovered this world of "Beauty Blogging". This, in turn, led to a discovery of "hauls" .. basically a mega-post on a bloggers latest collection.

I confess that I have minor (moderate? Ok, major) obsessions: make up, shoes, accessories. Typical girly stuff really. I won't bore you with a mega-post, partially because I don't even know which brand some of these are, let alone how much they cost.

But this stash is from when I was travelling ... I could have sworn I only packed 4-5 glosses and 1 lipstick. Here's the true total:

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I couldn't help but buy even more...the E.L.F. & NYC glosses on top are the latest addition.
I'm REALLY sad they don't make CoverGirl WetSlicks anymore. The lipglosses these days are stupid sticky. Yuck!