January 4, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I strongly believe in change and always look forward to the new year for a fresh start. It's all about improving to be the best version of myself (cliche? Maybe. But still true.) and to move forward in life (blog post about this coming up sometime in the near future).

Some of these are brand spanking new. Some are recycles, things I want to give another go. And some are WIPs that I'm carrying on from my 2012 resolutions.

2013 Resolutions (in no particular order)

1. Keep up with blogging - I posted 20 blogs (I think...) in 2012. That's a huge improvement considering my past record, but I do want to post even more. If you have any suggestions for posts, let me know in the comments!!!

2. Keep up with reading - I didn't think I'd make it to 4 books, but I managed to read 14 books last year. Let's see if I can beat that record! Any recommendations?

3. Do 4+ photo challenges - because doing the 365 day challenge was a super fail. I think I can keep up with mini-challenges though. If you know of any good ones, let me know! And I'll, of course, update with random pictures.

4. Get a job - because I'm back home for the next few months and going back to school to work on my undergrad degree (probably another post about that).

5. Learn a new skill - again. Yes. Because learning new things is exciting and fun to me. Any suggestions?

6. Stop enabling Person X - because it sucks the life out of me, is utterly unhealthy for everyone involved and I'm not interested in being dragged down in life by anyone. So there!

7. Vacation with Mishal! - Because it's high time we hung out and were crazy together! I have the best times with this girl!

8. Move to Atlanta - All part of moving on with life. Whichever direction things go in, I think it's time I became more independent.

9. Get back in touch with Caitlin - a bestie I haven't met or spoken to in way too long a time.

10. Help Mom out more - Sounds like I should already be doing that, but I think there's always more that I can do. Very unhelpful if/when I move out since it'll all be back on her again, but I'll do what I can while I can.

11. Do at least 1 crafty project - because I have so many planned and lined up and it's high time I finished some up. Painting doesn't count. But I do want to get more painting done. Even try oils, maybe. Eeps!

12. Get healthier - I'm not going to set a weight goal because that didn't work out. I'll keep working on healthier eating habits and just a healthier lifestyle overall.

13. Make myself Priority #1 - bit of a carryover from last year. I need to work harder on this - and figure out an answer for "what makes me happy". Anyone else have a problem answering that? Painting sounds like a silly answer to me.

Yes, 13 again. No silly ones like achieve all resolutions or cross off a bucket list item, because I realized that's just setting myself up for failure. I think these goals are a tad more realistic this time around.

Side note: I've used "high time" more than once through my resolutions. MUST. Learn. New. Phrase! 'Time' has, in general, been a big theme through my list ... hmmm.