January 1, 2013

2012 in Reflection

I survived 2012 and can't decide if it went by really slowly or flew by quite fast. Some of my 2012 resolutions have been an absolute success, some complete failures and some are still WIPs. Overall, I think I'm pretty satisfied with my year. I look forward to 2013 for another fresh start and more resolutions.

  • Read - completed this one early on in the year, which was about the only time I "had" to read. [8]
  • Learn a new skill - don't judge: I've really gotten into beauty vlogs and updated/upgraded my make-up application skills. Not quite what I'd had in mind when I wrote my resolutions, but it's definitely something new for me. [9]
  • Blog more often - though I didn't live up to the 2-3 times per month expectation, I've certainly blogged more often this year than in the past few. Overall it's a success in my book. [10]
  • Lose 30lbs - well between royally messing up my back (still no clue how) and not having any sort of steady schedule and lifestyle, that's been a flop. [3]
  • Scrapbooking didn't happen. At all. But I have collected more things to go into another scrap book. Brilliant ;) [7]
  • Let's be honest. The 365 day Photoblog challenge was a fail. I didn't succeed at all. Which means I didn't cross off anything from my bucket list either. Bugger! [11, 12]
  • And obviously that means I didn't accomplish all of my resolutions. Not a good resolution to have really. I set myself up for that one. [13]
  • Putting myself first has been a heck of a lot harder than I thought it would be. This will, in some way, be a part of my goals for 2013 as well. [1]
  • Technically speaking the personal project is a WIP which makes clinicals and moving to a new city (let alone exploring it), in effect, WIPs as well. [2, 5, 6]
Going to India [4] is so off the books. Unless I absolutely have to. There's just no appeal to going to India. I can meet with my grandparents in the UK, so there are no incentives. My parents recent trip did nothing to encourage me to consider going any time soon.
I will only ever go to India for wedding shopping (whenever that happens ... Mr Right, where are you?) and to show my preteen/teen-aged kids "the motherland". Going to Nainital is also on my bucket list, so that will probably be a separate trip. But other than that, no thanks.

I'm taking time with my resolutions for 2013. I need time to think, reflect, make lists and decisions. There are some "surprises" to reveal as I blog on. 

Best wishes for a wonderful 2013 to everyone!