December 2, 2012

My love for December & Plans for 25 Days of Christmas

If you don't know already, December is my favorite month and December 3rd my favorite day. Hmm, I wonder why? ;) I love birthdays and celebrations and holidays and time with the family. It's all so very cozy and fun, full of love and gladness.

I'm away from my family right now and missing them terribly. Granted I'm surrounded by other family, but it's just not the same. That doesn't stop me from being in a festive mood.

In the spirit of the month and infectious giddiness of the online community, I really wanted to do some sort of "25 Days of Christmas" thing. I didn't get any help from twitterverse (thanks guys :P) so I decided to fall back on taking pictures for these 25 days. Something festive/holiday oriented or something that catches the spirit of December. The pictures will be posted daily on my photoblog.

I was feeling really clever when I discovered an even more fantastic idea. I think it's wicked cool to do 25 days of acts of random kindness. I missed the boat on Dec 1, but I'll make it up by going till the 26 (or heck, even longer!). I'll either post a picture related to that (at this blog) or just write about it.

(for anyone counting, that means I'll be doing TWO things....which is only right after such a long lull on both my blogs)

And if anyone wants to get me belated birthday present or be my Santa, I won't say no to a wifi-enabled tablet ;)

Meanwhile, have you ever seen a burger joint this packed!? It's CRAZY! But Five Guys burgers (and fries!) are just that good!