August 28, 2012

2012 Progress Report #4

*peeks out* Yes, I've failed quite miserably at many of my goals for 2012. But I've learned a lot along the way and grown a bit as well.

So let's see:

I've been pretty decent at putting myself first. I haven't turned into a selfish brat or anything, but I do remember to consider my own feelings more often and I've stopped holding myself responsible for things that really are not my problems at all. That's a big improvement for me. Yay :)

Personal goal + some medical set backs (back still hurts!) got in the way of Goal 3. The good thing is I've noticed a change in my eating habits that is more standard for me now. No, I haven't given up on rice & roti completely, but I watch the portion size very closely. I snack more healthily as well.

I'm not sure I really want to go to India any more. My grandparents are here, visiting, and they were the primary reason for going to India. Things are as bad or worse in India and it stresses me out just thinking of making a trip there. I'd much rather travel nearly anywhere else.

I think I'd much rather go to Atlanta for clinicals now. My bestie lives there and it'll be a new city to explore.

I still haven't gotten around to a Bermuda Cruise Scrapbook. But then, I've been busy. Maybe I'll get around to it now. Maybe.

Any book recommendations peeps? I want something light but juicy.

Does painting count as learning a new skill. Granted I haven't learned much, other than self-teaching. Well I've got a few things in mind, so we'll see how all of that comes out.

I clearly dropped the ball on blogging more often. I blame it all on Goal 2. It really took all my attention and energy. So, again, maybe now I'll be able to refocus on the goal. The photoblog challenge was an even bigger fail. I've taken pictures over the past few months, though not daily and definitely haven't posted them. I guess you all can expect a mega post for that as well.

*scratches head* I don't really remember what's on my bucket list. Oops! I'll have to go back to my diary to see if I accomplished anything.

Does making an attempt at accomplishing all goals on my resolutions list count as a success? I have a feeling that's a big NO! Darn!

In other news, I have extra wisdom teeth. I got the one that was bothering me removed today. Does that mean I have less wisdom, or more? ;)