June 17, 2012

I take it back!!!

Beauty QueenI take it back! I like Stainiac. It's a brilliant product. The first that I've tried that really doesn't feel like anything on my skin. It's so lightweight and sheer that it's utterly natural looking. I love love love that it doesn't feel like I have lipstick or gloss on. Even on my cheeks it feels like nothing: no stickiness, no heaviness, no nothing!

My lips look like I've been eating berries or a popsicle and my cheeks have a natural flush.

I doubt I'll spend $17 for the full size, but this little tube will be set aside for special occasions.

The only thing I don't like is the slightly off putting, bitter-chemically smell and taste to it. But those kind of disappear after a while.

I also tried the Yu-Be moisturizing cream last night. Woah mama! It's quite amazing. My feet have been horribly dry and cracked this summer - blasted heat! I tried the cream for the heck of it, before passing out. I woke up to much improved, nearly 100% healed feet. And I only used one pea size dab for both feet! Definitely a great product. Might even be worth it at $16 for the 1.25oz tube if you have really dry skin issues (my sample size is 0.1oz and will last me a long time).

I'm not too excited by the sneak peak of July, but since Birchbox has partnered up with Glamour, and they don't talk about absolutely everything they're including in the different boxes, I am really looking forward to my July Birchbox. I really hope I get the Stila One Step Bronze. *fingers crossed*

I think I'll give Birchbox one or two more months. If I don't get a single 100% satisfactory box by 5 months of trial, I'll switch to checking out MyGlamCraveboxSindulgeLookBag, or Glossybox ($21/month, but it seems to have more full-size and high-end products). Honestly, there are so many of these subscription services, it becomes a luck of the draw with what you get with each per month. But I think 5-6 months a service is a reasonable amount of time to decide whether to stick with it. And at $10 a pop for most of these, I don't feel too guilty or overindulgent (especially since the value of the box exceeds $10 every time).