June 14, 2012

Birchbox Review 2 - June 2012

I just received my second Birchbox a couple of hours ago. Yay!

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this one. But since I got at least my money's worth, I can't complain.

Here's what they promised:

And here's what they delivered:

At least this time everything on the list was included in the box. I was, at first, thrown off by men's sample cologne but then I read the card and realized it was a Father's Day bonus. Phew!

The Eyeko eyeliner is a full size product. So that alone makes the $10 subscription worth it. Score! Not to mention I love makeup :D I wish it had been a bolder color, but I can't really complain about basic black either. Will try it out and see.

The Melvita Rose Floral Water smells delicious! It also comes in lavender, which would have been just as lovely. However, I'm not about to pay $22 for a bottle of this stuff. Granted a full size is 6.76oz versus the 0.96oz that I got, but the latter will be more than enough for this summer.

I'm not sure I'd wear the Stainiac in Beauty Queen on my cheeks, but I will try once. I think I was expecting something a bit more lip glossy, but it's definitely a gel. It stains in a purpley-pink (in a good way) and is incredibly light weight. I'll update with a picture of my lips or cheeks if I like it. I got a sample size in my box (0.04oz) and the real deal is 0.3oz for $17. Who prices this stuff!? Oh yeah, it doesn't smell all that good and has a slightly weird taste.

The Yu-Be moisturizing cream came just in time. My feet could use some TLC. Unfortunately I think I can only squeeze out, max, 2 times worth of moisturizer out of that itty-bitty tube. No worries, vaseline does the same job and is significantly cheaper. ($16 for lotion, really?)

Ok, I know I'm a med-geek and all, but these fashion band-aids did nothing for me. I'd go as far as saying, stupid! Really seriously!? Apparently there are idiots out there who pay $15 for 20 band-aids. Suckers!

The men's cologne is a bit meh. Happy Father's Day Daddy! Hope he likes the scent.

I'm very jealous of all the people who got the Stilla One Step Bronzer in their box. That would have been amazing! Hint hint, wink wink!

So yes, overall..not bad. At least this time, it's all useful in some way or another (and I didn't get a lame zip-lock bag like some). I'm hearing some rumors about next month's box already, so fingers crossed I get some good stuff. Off to tweak my profile a bit. ;)