May 12, 2012

Birchbox Review 1 - May 2012

Ooh I received my first Birchbox on May 9, 2012!!!

A little background on Birchbox - for $10 a month you get a monthly package of "goodies" (mostly beauty supplies). They are usually sample size items, but once in a while Birchbox slips in a full size product. Now, most of the stuff in the box is worth well over $10, even at sample size; so the deal-seeker in me was excited to try out this service.

Sadly, my first Birchbox has left me a little disappointed.

Here's what they promised:

And here's what they delivered:

Birchbox has you fill out a questionnaire asking for various information, including your age range, skin type, etc. Having selected the appropriate age range, I was extremely perplexed to receive the Kiehl's Abyssine Cream+. Fortunately, I have no need for this product, yet - now if there had been anything for graying hair, that's a different story. So this one goes to my mum ... nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like anti-wrinkle cream eh? ;) (ps - some of the ingredients are actually natural)

Back to the top of the list - the Bulgari Omnia Crystalline. It's actually quite nice. Definitely feminine, but not so floral. Smelled more like a crisp, light musk. Not at all overwhelming, but it lingers in a nice way. I do believe I've found my new favorite scent. Not sure I'll ever spring for it at $64.00 for a 1.33oz bottle, but if someone's feeling generous and wants to gift it to me, I won't complain ;)

I didn't get a Color Club nail polish, and clam bake coral sounded perfect for my upcoming cruise. Bummer! Instead, I got a Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment. It goes on smooth and smells like lemonade, which is perfect for summer! There's no way I'd pay $22.50 for a 0.15oz tinted chap stick (with SPF 15), but I'm content with my 0.08oz sample.

The Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF in 20 Glow promises a lot. I'll try it out on the cruise and let you know if it delivers. The list of ingredients starts off with all sorts of natural things like jojoba oil and soy amino, but of course devolves into some unpronounceable chemicals and silicone. I'm a little skeptical, but still willing to try.

No Twistband hair tie for me. Instead I got a trivia sweepstakes card. Since I don't watch Gossip Girl, this does nothing for me. I would much rather the Color Club nail polish!!!

And finally the bonus xoxo note-card. Cute. Useful. Bit of a cop out.

So not 100% satisfied with my first Birchbox. 2 out of 6 items are hits and will be used with reverence (Bulgari & Sugar Rose), while the rest will be tried/tested and probably never given a second thought.

But I'll stick it out and see what Birchbox has to offer in June. I'm hoping the bounty is better.

There's a referral link at Birchbox, but since I've only had a semi-good first experience, I'll hold off until I get a better feel for it. (every friend referral + sign up = 50pts, 100pts = $10 at Birchbox ... 50pts does not equal $5 sad!)