April 27, 2012

10 Tweeps you should follow!

You see, these #FF tweeps deserve a proper explanation and 140 characters just wasn't working out.

Some people/brands/companies/small businesses have taken twitter and juiced it for all it's worth. I'm not talking promoting their service/product, giving out information, networking or selling other tweeps something. (Though, of course, they use it for that as well.) What I'm really impressed with is the way they "keeping it real" (in @VoxLumiere's words).

Customer is service is pretty shit - pardon my French - in most places these days. You've got your rude waiters, your clueless sales-clerks, the pushy phone rep, etc. etc..

But the following tweeps make an effort to reach out to their followers (who may, or may not, be customers/users/what have you). They answer questions, take the time to thank you, point you in the right direction. Basically, they use twitter to "humanize" themselves.

1. @VoxLumiere - I just started following them (ok, just learned about them period) and it's because they noticed a tweet by a friend who was attending their show (though she didn't "@" mention them_ and they responded right away. I happened to mention liking the exchange and, bam, I have new friends! (And yes, I'm definitely going to check out their show the absolute first chance I get to!)

2. @iDoneThis - I was fortunate to hear about them at the beginning of this year. Their concept is brilliant. That aside, they are so friendly! Not only does their app (app?) keep me on track, but they take the time to personally check in on me once in a while to provide encouragement and support. Plus they are always posting links to some really cool and helpful articles!

3. @AskAaronLee - He's cool! Period. Okay, so there's a whole lot more to him. But the biggest, best, quality about Aaron is that he keeps in touch with his followers. He's not like some social media "gurus" who just spout information and automate tweets like a robot. He's really there: interacting, asking questions, replying to your @ mentions, and adding a personal dimension to his tweets.

4. @SimonMajumdar - He's British...isn't that enough? ;) Ok, so I get all giggly and school-girl squeeing any time I get a reply from Simon Majumdar (the Simon Majumdar!). I'm a little star struck by him since he went out and did exactly what I wish I could do with my life (minus the whole I want to be a doctor thing). But really, let's be honest. He is a celebrity. Just how many celebrities reply to your mentions and not just in an off-hand "thanks" way? And then hold a conversation with you? I mean, we discussed Butter Chicken for god's sake! So yeah, I like that he's one of those celebs who not only tweets about his real life, but also responds to his followers.

5 & 6. (other celebs who have responded directly to me - and seem to take the time to do so for many of their followers - are: @deespeak & @vivek_oberoi)

7. @nonprofitcoffee - these are "real" people, doing something really good. They always take the time to say thanks and give shout outs to the people who help their cause. (They also tease you with pictures of their coffee!)

8, 9 & 10. @bufferapp & @LeoWid - I'm a big fan of Bufferapp. Any time I have a question or something seems amiss, somebody is always there with an answer. @TweetSmarter is the same; always ready with an answer or a link/suggestion that points their followers in the right directions. All of them post links to some really interesting and informational articles as well.

So you see why I needed more than 140 characters. What are you waiting for? Go follow them!

And if you've come across any such examples of awesome tweeps who take time to get back to you, pass on the suggestions.