March 29, 2012

2012 Progress Report #3

Ah! Why hasn't anyone yelled at me for not blogging? I need your help to stay on track!

March took a dip down so I should probably call this a regress report instead. Anyway, here goes:

Resolution 2 has taken over my life.

With that being the case, I've only managed to keep up on Resolutions 8 & 11.

Alright, I admit it. I've faltered a bit on my 365day photo challenge. I've missed a day here and there, though I try to make it up by taking extra pics the next day. Once in a while I've managed to snap something on my phone but nothing of good quality. Renewed commitment to this resolution, starting now! But you all also have to remember the badger me to keep it up and post my pics regularly!

Clearly blogging "more frequently" didn't happen in March. I have a few semi-posts all queued up, but no time to refine them to posting quality (blame the efforts & time being put towards Resolution 2).

I managed to make time to read Bossy Pants. It was an interesting read. Not exactly good, just different. I guess I'm just not a big autobio person. I prefer my fantasy (Hunger Games anyone!) That said, I'd still recommend people read it. Tina Fey does a good job grounding life's basic lessons in her personal experience.

Speaking of The Hunger Games ... have you seen the movie yet? If not, GO!!! You'll understand the movie better if you've read the book, but it's not entirely necessary. At most, you need to either wiki-up the series (follow the first Hunger Games link) or find a friend to give you a brief synopsis. Jennifer Lawrence did a fantastic job as Katniss Everdeen. Definitely a fan favorite. They nailed it in every aspect with this movie. It's not one of those, damn they really screwed with the book/plot versions. I felt like every tweak was justified and was really satisfied coming out of the theater. A solid 4.25/5 stars from me.

In other news, something's wrong with my back. That is, something more is wrong with my back. This pain in my lower back started nearly two months ago. Three doctors visits, an MRI and three medications later I'm in no better state. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion things have progressed to worse. So it's back to the docs for me (hopefully I see him for longer than 2 minutes this time). Keep your fingers crossed I don't get another "we can't do anything other than medication and physical therapy" from them. That clearly didn't show any results. I'm not saying surgery (since this is my spine we're talking about), but something is better than the doctor shrugging and showing me the door. sigh

Well it was good to write another blog. I do enjoy writing. Hopefully I didn't bore too many of you ;)

Can you believe we're almost done with 25% of 2012!? Time sure flies. What have you accomplished in the first three months? Are you satisfied with your progress or are you going to give yourself a renewed push like me?