February 18, 2012

Say cheese!

If you take a peek at my photoblog, you'll notice I favor a certain style of photography. It's called macrophotography. Basically I like taking closeups of inanimate objects.

After a month and a half of nearly nothing but macros, I can see I'm becoming stagnant. I took up the 365-day photo-challenge for a few reasons, mainly because I like taking pictures. But I also took it up to challenge myself in various ways, and today I've realized that I have to shake up my photo-style as well.

It's definitely time to branch out into other styles such as landscapes, portraits, fashion, etc. But I'm nervous...new things always make me nervous. I have grown so comfortable in this one form that I'm reluctant to move on to something new. But new habits are only formed by repetition, so I'm setting a new goal for myself. I must take at least one non-macro photo per week. This way, I'll get more experience in other forms. But since I'm still an all-around amateur, so bear with me through the experimenting.

Any of you lovely readers into photography? Do share links to your work if you post online. Or leave a thought about my work so far or any ideas you have of what else I can take pictures of.

Thank you!