February 2, 2012

2012 Progress Report #2

One down, 11 more to go. January has been an interesting month, to say the least. Lots of moving ahead in life kind of decisions made. Discovered several very helpful resources (keep an eye out for a blog post about that). And I've made progress on many of my resolutions.

Quick update:

Most significantly, I have been diligent about maintaining my photoblog. I haven't missed a day yet and I don't intend to let that record slip. Finding and/or taking interesting, unique, fun shots has been the biggest challenge. On some days it feels like there's nothing left to take a picture of. It doesn't help that I take multiple pictures every day before deciding on whatever I like the best. But at this rate, this is going to be the most photographed house in the world! ;)

I was running through my bucket list to check out what I might do this year. Turns out, the 365 Photo challenge is also on my list. But I want to push myself to cross off something different as well. Might as well, yeah ;)

I did well with blogging last month, though perhaps I should have spaced them out more. What do you think? And any suggestions for future blog posts? Want to hear my opinion on anything in particular?

I read a book! It's been years since I read a proper, just for fun book. It was nice to have something relaxing to turn to when studying, chores, etc. became too boring.

In the lose weight depart things are going slow. I've made some changes to my eating habits, but more needs to be done. And I definitely need to make a more concentrated effort to go to the gym more often.

The rest of the resolutions are all on track; they are either in the WIP category or shelved for later category.

With goals and progress, maintaining a positive outlook has been much easier so far. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year!