January 21, 2012

My "Fat-Day" Fix-it

I'm a firm believer of ignoring the image norms of contemporary times. Instead, I think we should all learn to be comfortable and happy with ourselves, regardless of shape and size.

But that's usually easier said than done.

It is incredibly gratifying and a wonderful boost to my self-esteem when I get a compliment on my looks from a completely unexpected source. Kind or flattering words remind me that beautiful isn't one single concept; instead it means something different to everyone.

Writing a sticky to remind our selves that we are beautiful doesn't always do enough. Hearing "you're beautiful" or "you're so pretty" from a family member doesn't always ring true, because, after all, their opinions are biased. It's a pity our computers can't pick up on our emotions and reassure us on a low day (blast, no magic mirrors that can talk back to us either).

Instead, I find it helps me a little to pass a compliment to someone else on my low days. To see someone else smile because I took a moment to notice them and say something goes a long way in making me feel more content.

What do you do on your low days? What makes you feel more beautiful and confident?