January 15, 2012

Facebook Free

I am officially, and very happily, Facebook free!

I'm no longer obligated to accept a friend request from someone I happened to have taken a class with eons ago or some 5th relative-x 20 times removed and then worry about which pictures are appropriate to share or what status is politically correct for everyone.

Several reasons led me to make the decision to leave Facebook for good. Some of those reasons include:
- a feeling of loss of control over what I was sharing and how far it reached (yes I like BestBuy, no I don't care for my face to be used in an advertisement that shows up in the newsfeed)
- an overload of information by others (I really don't care about what song you're listening to on Youtube right now or how many diapers your baby has gone through in the last day)
- having all new opt-out only "upgrades"
- a sense of a breach or loss of my privacy (this is a hot-button issue that is gaining a lot of attention and convincing many others to delete their Facebook accounts)

My day used to begin with Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Google News. Now that I'm down one used-to-be-permanently pinned tab in my browser, I find it has freed up a considerable chunk of time. Surprising, since I didn't think I spent that much time on Facebook anymore.

At first I didn't know what to do with the extra time. It was very tempting to join another social network or a different forum to fill the space, but I've "been there, done that" and it was time to move on. Instead, I'm making a mental list of all the significantly more productive things I can do both online and offline (ie: blogging, research, catching up on real news, cleaning, journaling, etc.).

I'm very excited to have made a positive change in my life. This will help me pursue more productive and fruitful endeavors.