January 19, 2012

Cold Cases: Some drafts should remain drafts

I was just trolling through some ancient blog drafts, trying to see if anything was worth elaborating & editing to post or if anything would inspire a new posts. Much of what I encountered was full of teenage angst. Angry little rants about the so-called injustices of my life. Teens are such dramatic creatures!

Other drafts were just half-baked ideas, aimless rambles that don't make sense anymore. I wouldn't know where to take them now, even if I tried to salvage those old posts.

So really, some old drafts are best left as dormant relics of old mind-sets and unprocessed thoughts.

Do you have any old drafts (or even published posts) that make you shake your head and wonder what the heck was wrong with you back in the day? Do share ;)