December 19, 2011

Facebook DOES NOT have permission to use my face..and other gripes

Gizmodo recently posted an article about Facebook "showing your picture in an ad" ... without expressly asking/informing you. The author (Kyle Wagner) thinks it's reasonable; I don't.

So of course, I had mini-ranted on Facebook about it. And here it is for a wider audience:

1) Using my image for profit without asking for my express permission and/or compensating me is/should be against basic ethics of journalism.

2) Most people on FB are now on limited profiles. Most public profiles are of celebrities or companies. By choosing to limit my profile to a small group of people, I am expressly stating that I don't wish any of my information (including my likes) to be shared beyond that circle (oh how convenient... Google+ would probably warn me/ask my permission before using my information beyond the scope of my "circles").

Does it get anyone else mad? Is anyone else concerned by how much control FB has over any and all content that we post? Or how little control we have of what happens to it thereon? Am I wrong in thinking this way?

I don't think so. FB was supposed to be a "social" experience, not a "global" experience. In their own words, it's a place where you "connect and share with the people in your life." If I want to reach a wider audience I do so via my blog, Twitter or Google+. My FB account is purposely limited to friends and family, people I actually, personally know. It does feel like a violation of my privacy. It does annoy me that I always have to "opt-out" of things on FB, and even then I don't have complete control. And it does not make any sense that FB continues to operate in this high-handed, over-regulating/controlling, and almost bullying fashion.

12/31/2011 will definitely be my last day on Facebook.