December 6, 2010

Oops... I did it again

Or rather I didn't do it again. These past four days have been very bad P90X days. After Thursday of last week, I've been out of the P90X mode. It's much easier to stop after a lax day, than to pick up and get right back at it.

Friday was my birthday - the 2nd most boring, sad birthday I've had in all of my 21+ years.

Saturday was rest day and I took it as that. And once I got into the (2-day) habit of not doing P90X I couldn't muster up the energy or care to start week 3 on Sunday and do jump into Plyometrics today. Horrible! I feel very guilty. It's much harder to pick up the self-created slack when there's no one doing it with you and encouraging you along. Blast!

But I'm motivating myself to get back into it tomorrow. I have to. It's my parents Silver Anniversary in a month and a weeks time. I am pushing myself to look my best for this big event. So, back to P90X it is. I'm going straight into the scheduled exercise of week three, despite having had a horrible start to it.