December 3, 2010

Downsizing Day 12 ... my waist size, that is.

I've been a bad girl. I skipped Day 11's workout. It was yoga day. I don't like yoga day.

Justification (excuse) ... my sleep cycle runs per a different time zone, as opposed to my physical location. Most people wake up at 6am; I hit the bed at that time. This leaves me disconcerted for part of the day. And I lose a lot of productive "business hours." I've tried changing my sleeping/waking times but I keep reverting to this odd schedule. Basically that leaves me tired and harried (still gotta focus on my studying too, after all). That and it's my birthday week. I'm allowed some leniency. So I am trying to convince myself anyway.

I also indulged in Chinese buffet for lunch - it was a birthday celebration with friends. I stuck to the soup, veggies, proteins and only had a tiny bit of the noodles. Ever since I've started P90X I've been even more conscientious about my carb intake and such. That tiny amount of noodles (2-3 forkfuls) left me feeling disgusting for most of the evening.

All in all, Wednesday was not conducive to working out, particularly yoga for one and a half hours.

Day 12, however, I brought it to Leg and Back and enjoyed getting back to exercising. I'll try to make up on the yoga on Saturday, which is rest/stretch day. I'll stick to the lighter moves. Curse the guilty conscience!

I didn't bring it to Ab Ripper X since I had to get ready for ... HARRY POTTER! Yes, I'm two weeks late, but I have a friend to blame for that. Anyway. The movie was AMAZING! Go watch it if you haven't.

Tomorrow is my birthday. And tomorrow is Kenpo day. I will do justice to both tomorrow :)