November 24, 2010

Just keep swimming...

Rolling out of bed, walking, tucking my hair behind my ear ... it's all PAINFUL! Muscles that hadn't worked in years, if ever, are protesting to the sudden and vigorous exercise. And they make themselves heard loud and clear throughout the day.

Blogging is working as wonderful motivating tool for me. I feel like I've put myself out there and would be a fraud if I didn't continue with the P90X.

Thanks to the combined power of blogging and tweeting I've gotten some really positive feedback. It's nice when others take time out of their lives to provide encouragement.

Seeing P90X through? I really badly want to give up because of how much it hurts. But then I look in the mirror and I'm not happy. More than that, I'm scared of my future if I don't make the effort now. I gotta tell you, it's taking every ounce of determination and will-power to keep pushing. For the moment, I just want the soreness and pain to go away.