November 22, 2010

Downsizing that Waist - Tips and Tricks

Exercising is a pain, literally and figuratively. I'm sure what I have to share is all stuff you've probably already heard. But maybe you haven't, or hearing it from my point of view and experience will help you.

1. Partner up. You don't have to actually exercise with someone else. I find the P90X videos to be quite motivating in and of themselves. I don't feel like I'm going at it alone. But it definitely helps to have a friend to talk to about the routine and get feedback or encouragement from. My friend is also doing the P90X program on her own, so we chat about our efforts and issues. I'm hoping we'll have some positive results to talk about soon.

Your friend doesn't have to be doing the same exercise program, or even any exercise program. He/she can just be there for emotional/mental support as you go through the exercise program for yourself. It's good to have someone encourage you along. If you don't have anyone in your real life who will fulfill this role, turn to the virtual world. There are forums you can turn to, or tweet or blog about your efforts and you'll find others going through the same struggles.

Or you can buddy up to exercise with someone. Sometimes the physical presence of a friend provides a comfortable and competitive environment in which you can try your hardest without feeling judged.

I'm starting solo, with a friend to talk to about my efforts and progress. We will try exercising together during week 2 and see if that works better for us.

2. Set your goals, be realistic. Do some research, find out what the ideal weight is for your height and ethnicity (yes, that does make a difference). Don't aim for an exact number, just go for a range.

Personally, I'm at 150lbs when I should be between 120lbs-125lbs. I'm not forcing myself to lose the 25lbs-30lbs within the 90 day program period. I'm just aiming for some weight loss. Some people have lost that much and more through P90X. Some people have lost less. I'm realistic. I haven't cut out all carbs, sugars, etc. from my diet. It's just more moderate and healthier than my previous eating habits. I'm not comparing my results to those of others who have done this program. I just know what my goal is and I accept that it might take more than 90 days for me to achieve it.

I'm ready to do P90X a second time over, if that's what it takes for me to lose the weight.

Don't impose time limits and weight goals. If you don't achieve them, you might get demotivated. No sense in imposing exact values that will work against you if you don't achieve them. Instead, go for ranges. The flexibility let's you work as hard as possible to reach reasonable goals.

I'm at 150lbs. My ideal weight is 122lbs, based on a height of 5'3". My personal end goal is a range between 115lbs-125lbs. I would like to lose 25lbs-35lbs in the next year. I will make a realistic time projection based on my results from one round of P90X.

3. Treat yourself. I don't mean indulge in a sundae. Set up goal points and treat yourself to a healthy gift/indulgence that will help you keep moving forward.

Here's my breakdown:

-5lbs - set of weights/resistance bands
-10lbs - weighing scale
-15lbs - mini-shopping spree
-20lbs - leather jacket
-25lbs - ?
-30lbs - shopping spree
-35lbs - shopping spree

My carrot is this set of incentives, the stick is the exercise program and my reflection in the mirror. I don't know what I'll do to indulge myself at 125lbs, but it's not my end target so I'm not going for the big shopping spree then

I'll update with other tips and tricks as and when I discover them. This is just the beginning of what I am hoping will be a very fruitful 90 days. Stick with me!