November 23, 2010

Downsizing that Waist - Tips and Tricks 2

Food is an enemy. Well, it can be. If you're like me, eating healthy is hard. Part of the reason it's been so hard to lose weight is because of bad eating habits.

Here are some tricks and tips for when you go out grocery shopping:

1. Make a list, check it twice. Check your pantry. Do some research on how many calories you should be taking in to balance how much you expend during daily activities and exercise. Remember, out should be greater than in for weight loss. However, you also need a basic number of calories for general daily existence (this is dependent on your weight, gender, activity, etc.). Choose healthy alternatives for your bad habits (baby carrots instead of chips, 100% fruit juice instead of soda, honey instead of sugar, flavored yogurt instead of ice cream, ...). Go over your list to make sure you're getting the essentials and an indulgent old habit didn't slip back in.

Oh yeah, stick to the list!

2. Limit your time at the store. Get in, get out. Stick to a short time in which you can grab the items on your list and get out of the store. Extra time leads to extra browsing and a tendency to veer off the list.

3. Go with a friend. If you're exercising with a buddy take him/her along. Or go with the person who's providing you with emotional/mental support as you try to downsize your waistline into a healthier zone. This way you have a safety net in case temptation becomes too strong.

One last, general, tip: update your list periodically (as you run out of that item) instead of all at once. This way you won't forget anything and you will avoid adding unnecessary items. Use your phone, iWhatever, etc. to keep an up to date list that is on you at all times.