November 29, 2010

Downsizing Day 8 ... my waist size, that is.

It's almost funny when I realize it's another Ab Ripper X day. Almost. I need another week or so before I'll be comfortable with that realization. For now, a slight feeling of dread persists.

Chest and Back session 2 went well enough - a few more reps, some improvement in my form. If the first 30 days are to be a struggle, I'm happy with my progress in the first week. Of course, a part of me is anxious to see some physical change and disappointed when the same figure looks back at me. I just remind myself that this is no overnight miracle cure and that beauty is pain.

I'm doing P90X for my health (and some obvious, aesthetic enhancement), not because I'm into working out and building muscle. If the latter had been true, I wouldn't be in the position I am in today to begin with. Once I drop to my goal weight and size (not necessarily mutually inclusive) I will switch to a lighter workout. I'll have to fiddle around with what works best, but I'm guessing it will be daily 30 minute walks and 3-4 days/week of exercise, relying on what I have picked up through P90X.

But for now...still chugging away. Oh no! Tomorrow is Pylometrics. *cringe*