November 25, 2010

Downsizing Day 4 ... my waist size, that is.

I have to admit I gave up today. To be fair to myself, I quit half-way through today's Yoga session, which is still 45 minutes of sweat inducing exercise.

The Yoga portion of P90X is harder than I anticipated. I got frustrated because I couldn't even get into half the poses, let alone maintain them. I struggled with what should have been easy. I just have to keep reminding myself that this was my first day and it will get better with time and more effort. But Yoga is definitely one of the sections where I need a buddy doing it next to me to keep me motivated and going.

Boo to me on this one. Hopefully I'll have better luck next week. My friend will be joining me, so at the very least we can laugh at/with each other as we struggle through the poses.

Edit: Turns out there is an ab portion in the second half of the Yoga session. Guess I should have at least kept watching. Serves me right. Well, definitely something to look forward to next week.