November 22, 2010

Downsizing Day 1 ... my waist size, that is.

I've got weight issues. That is, I weigh too much. I don't speak from a fashion and beauty point of view (though the boost of confidence I would get from a slimmer waist-line would be incredible). Rather, I'm coming at this from a health concern point of view. Genetically speaking I'm already at risk for developing diabetes, heart diseases and some other health problems. The environment has only added to the potential health risks in my future. As a doctor-to-be I want to be the fittest I possibly can, in order to avoid and escape as many health problems as possible. Diet and exercise truly are the key towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Trust me, I've researched every plausible alternative so that I can feel less guilty about a slice of cake or a day of bumming on the couch. Sadly, there isn't one.

So I started with diet. It's not that hard or bad to switch to healthy; there are actually a lot of tasty alternatives out there. I'll blog more about that later.

For me, the hardest thing was getting my butt moving and sticking to a real exercise regime. The evening walks and half-arsed yoga/basic work outs weren't doing anything for me. One late night of infomercials later, I was sold on an exercise regime known as P90X. I won't bore you with the details of the program. If you're interested, you can go out and read about it yourself. Instead, I'll be blogging about my 90 days, the struggles and strategies involved and the results I get.

Going from couch potato straight into P90X is a bit like jumping from fridge straight into the fire, completely bypassing the frying pan. It's an intense workout, as Day 1 proved to me. The P90X program starts with Chest and Back and Ab Ripper X. I haven't bothered to invest in weights, bands, etc. but today I didn't need them. Going through the motions for the various exercises was more than enough for my muscles. I'm embarrassed by how little I was able to do today. The really great thing about the P90X videos is that it let's you go at your own pace but also keeps encouraging you to push harder. Since each section repeats through the videos cycle, you have many opportunities to improve.

I didn't give my 100% today but I still felt the burn. Sadly, I felt the burn 5 minutes into the 1 hour 15 minute routine. It was a wake up call regarding just how badly out of shape I am. So, even though my arms and legs feel like overcooked noodles and I'm going to have very sore ab muscles tomorrow, I'm motivated to keep at it. Tomorrow is pylometrics. I have no clue what to look forward to. I believe a lot of jumping is involved. Thankfully, my downstairs neighbors don't hear anything.

Keep up with me as I go through the next 90 days of tough exercise and towards my weight-loss goals.