October 27, 2010

Remember Me (Spoilers included) - Reaction

I don't have much to say about this movie. It wasn't spectacular in terms of delivery, dialogue or editing. It was slow, frustratingly slow; I wanted to fast-forward but was afraid to on the off chance that I'd miss something important.

And then I came into the last 5 minutes, when I was still begging the movie to pick up the pace. The movie decides to take a complete U-turn from where I thought it was heading. We're sitting in Mr. Hawkin's office, and I'm wondering what significance Michael's day of death (May 2005, 6 years ago) has to the plot-line. Cut to Caroline's classroom, I see the chalk board with the date written on it. I tense up, panic; gut-clenching, hand-over-my-mouth, please-don't-show-me-this-again moments of fear and distasteful anticipation pass as the movie plays on. The moment I see it I'm praying this goes a different way. But there's only one way any movie will go when the date September 11, 2001 is displayed.

I remember sitting on the floor during English class, discussing Greek mythology (using, ironically, the same book that is used in the movie) on September 11, 2001. Suddenly every TV in every room of the school flickers on to CNN. I'm sure that moment is etched into everyone's memory forever. As I'm watching the next scene unfold, the image of those moments in my own life ghost over the screen and the characters of the movie.

I live about 150 miles away from the city. I didn't know anyone who worked in the twin towers. I don't personally know anyone who was directly affected by 9/11. Only after the fact, later that evening, did I learn that my uncle had planned to include a trip to the Twin Towers as part of his sight-seeing, but had woken up late and postponed his plans.

Yet, when the closing scene of Remember Me played out, I was crying. The best bit of this movie happened to be the worst of it as well. In fact, 30 minutes later, I am still shaking as I write this. I'm only thankful the writer/director didn't try to recreate that horrific moment. The snippets of reactions were more than enough.

A request to all movie-makers: please place a warning label on your movie if it is going to have a 9/11-related scene. Some of us, even those remotely affected by the day, can't handle it. It's a bit cruel to remind us of that moment, especially without adequate warning.

I don't know whether I should recommend this movie because of how impactful that last scene is, or if I shouldn't because of how God-awfully slow it is and there's no reason to leave people cringing and crying at the end.

This was a random blog. I was just shocked by how hard that last scene hit me and needed to get this reaction out of me and onto the screen.