May 31, 2010

So about those calories...

So far, this has been an "epic fail" of a trial. It's mostly my fault. I'm sure you can say I'm finding excuses, especially since others down here find the time to jog daily or hit the gym pretty regularly. But here's the thing, when I do a breakdown of my 24hrs, I don't see time for the exercise.

9am - 6pm = School .. that's 9/24
1hr to eat/make 3 meals ... 1/24
1.5hrs shower/prep/primp 1.5/24
6hrs study (minimum!) ... 6/24
5hrs sleep (for basic fnctn) 5/24
= 22.5/24

That leaves me with 1.5hrs to relax, catch up on emails, do my chores...

Regarding the food... Like I said, I'll make an effort. But the whole food journal concept went out the window pretty much the second day, since I need the calories to keep me going through the heat (feels like 100s everyday).

It's not impossible to lose weight or lead a very healthy lifestyle on the island; I know many people who have/do. But it just doesn't make my priority cut right now. I need to study, for which even 6hrs is too little. And I need my sanity, for which 5hrs of sleep is absolutely necessary. Right now, I'd rather do what it takes to get me the grades and get me through the next 87days left on the island.