December 8, 2008

The Unsettled Mind Must Speak

I had written up a blog of adapted and semi-original recipes. That seems trivial at the moment.
Twice I've drafted a blog in response to the atrocity of Nov 26, 2008, that is forever marked on my heart. I tried, but I couldn't bring myself to express what I truly felt. Words didn't seem to equate to the emotions, the sentiments and the thoughts. Plus I felt like a fraud. I'm an NRI and a non-Mumbaite. As Indian, an NRI who very much believes herself to still be a desi girl at heart, I was profoundly grieved and very angered. But whenever I try to write it out, even just to myself, I feel like an imposter. What right do I have to write about something I am so far removed from both physically and emotionally (in the sense that I have nearly no personal connections to the city or the people)? Who am I to criticize the Indian government? Or to comment on the concept of Mumbai's resilience and ever-lasting spirit? No. I just cannot bring myself to intrude upon the very real grief, anger, and frustrations of the thousands of Mumbaikar's who were actually affected by Nov 26, 2008.
I respectfully extend my sympathies and condolances. I pray to God that our country soon finds peace, progress and prosperity and desperately hope that the price for it all is not demanded in more human lives.

So while I'm still confused, and my mind and heart are still unsettled, I had to write something. The words are still choked up inside me, but this is a start.