November 23, 2008

Hello Again

I've managed to neglect this blog yet again. There was a return, another goodbye and yet another return...none of which lasted long, and so there is no need to maintain them as part of this sad little blog's history or memory. Instead, I'll just move forward. It's supposed to be good for you.

I'm in MedSchool now. Not quite how or where I imagined it to be. But none-the-less, MedSchool. Thrilling really. I'm finally, truly, on my way to becoming a doctor. I hope. But I'm going through the process on a blasted island. Paradise it is not. Let no one fool you into believing that Medical School on a tropical island is going to be a fabulous adventure. Bollocks! It's a damned island. A damned small island. Necessities are barely met, distractions non-existant. It's the same faces day in and day out and the routine is mind-numbing. The excitement of the semester was potentially getting hit by a hurricane. Not fun. Enough said.

I'm bored. And I'm frustrated. And so I'm back here. With no to turn to, no one to truly call friend on this foresaken piece of land, I turn to blogging. Maybe a kindered soul will read... at the very least I'll stop internalizing everything. Because really, if you don't let it out, it will eventually turn you mad.

I miss home. I miss it terribly. Which is odd, because for the longest time I had so desperately wanted to leave home. It's don't realize the value of what you've got, until you lose it. Damn! It takes me hundreds of miles and a country to realize just how grounded I am in family life. The hell with moving away to a more exciting city. If I'm not close enough to be home for birthdays and anniversaries, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Durga Puja and Diwali, there's just no way in hell I'll make it. I'll trade Chicago for Albany if it just means that I'll make it to yet another boring party with family friends or attend another function where the amature performances make me cringe.

And then there's that. Albany. Who would have thought it possible to miss boring, "all-American" Albany where the excitement consisted of hanging out at the mall or going bowling. That's a whole lot more than this place has to offer, that's for sure. And frankly, I miss the mall. The idea of whiling away a whole day strolling through air-conditioned halls and pushing your way through the food court to get to the terrible Chinese stall is so novel, it nearly has me in tears. I miss being bombarded by brandnames and gasping over $70 jeans. Please can I have my overpriced life back? Because really, the street vendors here put corporate America to shame when it comes to marking up anything from flip-flops to spatulas.

Most of all I miss my family. I miss fighting with my sister over nothing, watching a good action flick with my dad or cooking in the kitchen with my mom. I miss the rich colors of the walls in my bedroom. I miss grumbling about raking the leaves, even as I enjoy the time I get to spend with my family. Heck! I even miss the damned snow. I'll take the biting cold winter of Northeast America over this sun-soaked paradise any day, if it means I can spend time with my family.

I miss you all... more than I ever thought possible!