November 16, 2005

Knock Knock...Anyone there?

The lack of a new Blog has not been for a lack of subject material or, for that matter, words. Those I have aplenty. In fact, I have three blogs in the works right now. I only want to research my information thoroughly before I post. That would the be the technical reason behind the delay in new posts. Emotional reasons are also involved.
Though I do some amazing writing when I am upset or ridiculously tired, I am not up to it this time around. I would prefer to maintain a clear and cool head while I do my writing.
A brief, very superficial, background of the emotional baggage that is holding me back goes as follows:
I am a very emotional and touchy person by nature. I often let my heart do the thinking and ruling. This, in turn, often gets me into trouble - especially emotionally so. I tend to be rather trusting, and sometimes that's just not a good thing (yet again, I have managed to prove my father right *wry smile*). Much as I try, I cannot remain angry or upset at a person for long. Till date I thought that meant I was very forgiving, to a fault. I have been doing to introspection and a lot of thinking however, and found that instead of dissipating my feelings, I have been supressing them.
Oh, oh, oh...I can see myself slipping into the deep end. That paragraph was supposed to be a rather brief listing of the events that led to my emotional state. It's a story of betrayal, friendships, faith, and keys...*rolling eyes* Much as the soap sounds like a good diversion and thrilling as the account of my emotional state might be, I will not indulge myself any further. There are things to do, minds to clear, and blogs to be written.
I hope I can pull myself soon enough to post a reasonable semblance of a blog. I have the distinct feeling, however, that it will turn out to be a miserable attempt and I will end up revisiting and drastically editing it. I would prefer to give it my best and publish a good piece in the first shot.
For now, keep visiting, keep reading. Look forward to new pieces soon. Don't hesitate to leave a comment; I like feedback and knowing other peoples' thoughts on the different subjects (that's what a public blog is for after all). (Alright, I'll beg :) I know people read my blog, I'd like cyber-tangible proof. I also like reading your thoughts on these topics (Can't say you don't have any...everyone has opinions on most things). I'll only beg this once though. After all, this blog is supposed to represent my mature and sophisticated side. Please! Please leave a comment (or two? *such an optimist*).)