September 13, 2005

A rant for respect...

I've heard this more than once now. Your entry is too long. I couldn't get past the first few lines. Write shorter entries so I can understand.
Well, pardon me if I'm wrong, but these would be my entries. I enjoy writing, but unfortunately don't have time to do much of it. LiveJournal is a forum where I can at least purge my mind of the day's (or weekend's or week's, or whatever the duration may be) events. Though I don't get much satisfaction out of writing the mundane details, it does help clear the clutter in my head. There are times when I can interject a brilliant sentence or two (at least, brilliant in that one moment), but that is the extent of my creative writing of late. So when people tell me that my entries are too long, it really irks me.
Nothing is compelling you to read my entry. Nor are you obligated to leave a comment, though I greatly appreciate it and love reading the notes you leave me.
I will continue to write in my LJ, most likely sporadically. Some entries will be short, most likely because I have homework to do, exams to study for or classes to get to. Some entries will be long, perhaps even excrutiatingly so. Such entries will most likely be an accumulation of days worth of frustration and anger, or happiness and excitement. If the latter is not to your liking, don't read it. If you do start off, but then find it's too long, or too tedious, or too boring, then stop reading. If you are further compelled to comment, comment about what you have read. Don't comment just to tell me that my entry is too long. I probably already know that. Obviously I don't mind it having been too long. I have, after all, posted it up on the web for all to see (where, I repeat, absolutely no one is obligated to read it).
If you only like reading the short entries, then by all means, read only those. But be warned. You will more likely than not, miss out on a great deal of information about my life. These LJ entries are quite similar to tv shows. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you miss a few episodes here and there. Then again, sometimes it is crucial to see every single episode, in order, so that you can keep things straight.
But please, don't ever disrespect me by complaining about the length, content or style of my entries. I use this forum to express and share my thoughts and ideas, the mundane events in my life and the special and important occasions in my life. I do so with the understanding that not everyone who reads my Live Journal will appreciate or agree with what I have to say. But I also hold the expectation that those who do make use of this forum can show some common courtesy, tact and respect towards others. Laying your life or your mind out in either frank or poetic terms is not an easy thing to do. When someone abuses the privilege of having access to all of that by being disrespectful or blatantly mean, it not only hurts my feelings, it breaks the faith and expectations I hold in a public forum or other such places.
This was my rant. I will not repeat myself on this topic. If you have problems with my ideas or views please comment, - but do so in a proper and tasteful manner - and I will be more than happy to respond. I have meant no disrespect to anyone through this entry, but did wish to once and for all clear the air on that topic. I look forward to hearing from you, if you are so inclined. Otherwise, I hope you can take the point home and respect my wishes. I'm sure everybody on this forum, and those like it, can appreciate my point, - however ineloquently I might have expressed it - if not expect the same from fellow journalers and bloggers.