July 20, 2005

Naming Obsession

I'm working as a counselor - a glorified, underpaid babysitter - for the summer. My group consists of 10 kids, on average, about 7/8 years old. This week, in Character Education, we have been talking about endurance. Somehow we have ended up talking about names and their meanings.
For example my name, Smriti, is in Sanskrit and means "in memory of". Stacy means fruitful, Olivia means peace or olive branch, and Zachary means God remembers. There are thousands of names out there. It's really interesting to note what they mean. By the way, Mike means who is like God.
I have always been fascinated by names. I like looking up baby names. My poor - future - husband; he will never have any choice in names. I am way ahead of him on that one.
A couple of good sites for all sorts of names are:
Obviously there are many more sites out there. Google searching is always a sure of way of finding an appropriate site. I find the two above mentioned site rather helpful and informational though. I am searching for a good site with an extensive database of Indian names.
There are plenty more years before I actually have to concern myself with this issue. For now, I research names just to amuse myself.